How Real Estate Crowdfunding Works With AHP

AHP's mission is to strengthen families and communities through high yield distressed mortgage investments.

Here's how it works:

1. Join our investor community.
2. Choose an investment opportunity and fund your selection.
3. Receive monthly payments to your account.

Benefits of investing with AHP

  • Attractive basis

    Attractive basis

    AHP purchases mortgages at average of less than 50% of home's current market value.

  • Collateralized


    All investments are secured by real estate.

  • Over-market returns

    Over-market returns

    Investors can expect to earn more with AHP.

  • Pooled Vehicles

    Pooled Vehicles

    Investments are collateralized by hundreds of assets, reducing exposure to losses on single assets.

  • Social Impact

    Social Impact

    AHP provides life-changing financial transformations for families and positive stabilization for communities.

  • Uncorrelated


    AHP offers monthly returns regardless of overall market performance.

     - strong market leads to a higher valuation price. 
     - weak market reduces asset acquisition price.

3 Levels of Investment

Levels of Investment
*Annual Returns, not FDIC insured. Open to accredited investors

AHP takes the safety of our investors, their information, and their money very seriously

  1. All funds go to an Atlantic Capital Bank escrow account.
  2. All withdrawals, such as mortgage pool acquisitions, must be approved byWealth Forge, LLC , our broker-dealer.
  3. All loans are titled in U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for American Homeowner Preservation Trust.
Investor Protection protocol
  1. Original loan files are stored by U.S. Bank National Association, which maintains custody.
  2. Servicing is handled by SN Servicing Corporation, which sends statements, collects payments, and provides customer service to borrowers. Funds collected are remitted to the U.S. Bank Trustee account, and then to a Fifth Third Bank account.
  3. Monthly account statements are distributed to investors.