Invest With A Self- Directed IRA

Open your self-directed individual retirement account for tax advantaged investing. Check if
your custodian accommodates alternative investments or choose from these self- directed
IRA custodians and start the process:


PENSCO Trust is a regulated banking company with more than $10 billion in assets under custody and 50,000 clients. PENSCO has been
a leading alternative asset custodian helping astute investors buy, hold and sell non-publicly traded investments in tax-advantage accounts.


NuView IRA is a service-oriented firm that makes the process of holding alternatives within retirement accounts simple,
fast, and affordable.

Provident Trust Group

Provident Trust Group is the industry leader in self-directed custodial accounts with more than 35,000 clients and $4 billion in asset custody.

Advanta IRA

Advanta IRA uses First Trust Company of Onaga (FTCO) as the custodian of self-directed custodial accounts. FTCO has been a trusted custodian
for over 30 years, currently serving over 80,000 accounts holding a market value of over $7 billion.

Midland IRA

Midland IRA has been providing efficient, continued service since 2004, specializing in the administration of self-directed retirement accounts for
those who wish to hold alternative investments.

Kingdom Trust Company

The Kingdom Trust Company was established to provide flexible, innovative and cost effective custody solutions to the investment industry.
They strive to build relationships that will recognize our firm's extraordinary commitment to client services, technology, and industry knowledge.

The Entrust Group

Entrust is the premier provider of account administration services for self-directed IRAs and other tax-advantaged, self-directed savings
accounts. For more than 30 years, Entrust has been an acknowledged authority in self-direction.

Equity Trust

Equity Trust is the nation's leading provider of Self-Directed IRAs and 401ks, with over 130,000 clients in all 50 states and approximately
$12 billion of retirement plan assets under administration.

Goldstar Trust Company

GoldStar Trust Company is one of the nation's leading Self-Directed IRA custodians with over twenty years of experience. GoldStar serves as
custodian for more than 37,000 IRA accounts with total assets of more than $1.9 billion.

IRA Services Trust Company

IRA Services Trust Company has over 30 years of experience offering unmatched custodial and administrative services in the self-directed
retirement industry, providing proven experience, superior service, true diversification and low fees, giving you more choices and more

Millennium Trust Company

Millennium Trust Company is a leading financial services company offering niche alternative custody solutions to institutions, advisors and
individuals. They serve as a complement to traditional services offered by other custodians.

Polycomp Trust Company

Polycomp Trust Company (PTC) is a state-chartered, non-depository trust company that is regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking.
PTC serves as a nontraditional asset custodian for self-directed IRAs administered by Polycomp Administrative Services, Inc.

Self- Directed IRA Services, Inc.

Self Directed IRA Services, Inc. (SDIRA Services) was founded in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank. SDIRA Services
provides administration and custody of alternative and traditional assets in self directed IRAs for individuals and small businesses nationwide.