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Funding Now

2014B Pool # 35

  • 72

    Projected Assets

  • 22%

    Expected Investment To Value

  • $2,870,412

    Estimated Value

  • $641,639

    Total Investment

  • $215,000



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  • “ A win-win for all concerned. The owner gets to stay in their house, the bank gets to avoid the expense of foreclosure proceedings, and the property buyer gets decent returns. Clever!” -Felix Salmon, Reuters
  • “Our society, our economy and other homeowners win from a reduced number of foreclosures.” -Martin Andelman, Mandelman Matters
  • “Give(s) the borrowers the solutions they need, not the ones that maximize profits for the company” -David Dayen, FDL
  • "American Homeowner Preservation is hoping to demonstrate that they have better ideas to ameliorating the foreclosure disaster." -Joel Sucher, American Banker

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